Thursday, March 05, 2015
Welcome to Christmas Lake Village!

[]Santa Claus Senior Citizens March Meeting

The Santa Claus Senior Citizens will be meeting on Friday, March 6th at 6:00 pm at the Santa Claus Community Center.  Baked Icelandic cod prepared by Chef Lawrence will be our entrée'. Dessert will also beprovided by Scenic Hills Retirement Center and Justine Sheehan also will give a short presentation. So do not bring a dessert but a dish to share.  Vice President Peggy Dann will preside as I will be out of town.  She has planned an activity for after the meal.

Santa Claus Senior Citizens group is open to anyone 55 years or older and we welcome new members.  Please join us for a fun evening and a good meal. Annual dues are $3.    Tom Zuzzio, President


[] State requires town of Santa Claus to revamp ticketing practices! No more cheap speeding tickets is the bottom line. Tickets received now will cost violator no less than $138 and go against points and insurance. The town did adopt a deferral component which allows you to pay more to avoid insurance notification and a loss of points based off past and future driving record. More details can be fount in both local papers from this week.


[] Unclaimed evidence! If you were recently a victim of theft inside the village good news! the SCPD may have your stolen items and are wanting to return them. SCPD has recently solved a case involving the break in of numerous vehicles and have retrieved the majority of the evidence and now are ready to return items to their rightful owners. Please contact the SCPD for details @  (812)937-2340



[] Vandalism!! If you spot any suspicious activity inside the village report it to the local law enforcement immediately.

[] New Scooter Law enforced starting January 1, 2015.

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[]  Littering Fine implemented in CLV!!

$100 fine for littering has now been imposed inside Christmas Lake Village voted in unanimously by the Board of Directors at the October monthly meeting. If you spot a litter bug and can positively identify the individual report it to the gate house immediately. If person reported is found to be at fault you may receive $50.00 for your efforts. In the near future several signs will be posted informing all inside the village of possible repercussions if caught littering. Please help us and get the word out!

[] Street Lights, if you happen to notice an inoperative street light just call (812) 464-4750 as soon as possible. Have nearest intersection information readily available.

[] Pet owners! Please keep your pets under control at all times and pick up after them. Loose pets can and will result in a $25 occurrence fine if owner is identified.

[] If you have signed up but are not receiving regular CLV News Letters please check your Junk mail. We will gladly add your email address to the list just email me at